Debbie Chong, MD
Kelly Collins, MD
Jenny Keen, MD
Frank Major, MD
Brian O’Gara, Med Student, BUSM
Mary-Jo O’Sullivan, MD
Sara Pentlicky, MD
Steve Vanasco, MD
Isabella Venter, Volunteer

British Medical Students

Jennifer Capps
/Caroline Charlesworth
Tamara Hold
Laura Moncreiffe
Roisin Porteous
Emily Stinton

April 2010 Tanzania Mission


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We had a productive trip to Tanzania, seeing 168 patients in clinic, as well as performing 8 surgeries, including 5 major cases and 3 minor cases. We would especially like to thank Williams Ultrasound for lending us the Sono-site ultrasound machine, as it was very helpful to our patients. With this ultrasound we were able evaluate pelvic masses more specifically and to differentiate and assess ovarian tumors. We were also able to perform some obstetric ultrasounds.

We performed many ultrasounds, including ultrasounds on about 40% of our GYN patients. The Ultrasounds were also very helpful to us for our surgical evaluations. In a few instances, we had patients who were having miscarriages and the use of the ultrasound machine was invaluable for them. The ultrasound machine also helped us evaluate pelvic masses such as fibroids, ovarian cysts as well as evaluate pregnancies and determine gestational age of fetuses. In one instance, we were able to see twins that were both breech near term and we were therefore able to advise the mother to go to the local hospital, Bugando, for further evaluation for delivery. Our patients really appreciated the increase in quality of the care they received because of the ultrasound.

We also had the privilege of working with six British Medical Students from Manchester, England who had been in Tanzania for six weeks. In their own words, “We have learnt so much during our time here, from treating malaria and typhoid to being involved in gynaecological surgery with a visiting team of American doctors. But we have also learnt so much about the problems facing health care in Tanzania; the need for safe and affordable health care, patient education, and public health improvements. Nyakato Health Centre has begun to tackle these, and will continue to do so as it develops into a hospital.”