Debbie Chong, MD
Elizabeth Micks, MD
Steve Vanasco, DO
Elaine Waetjen, MD
Mweya Waetjen

University of Toledo 4th year medical students:

Sunil Arora
Andrew Assenmacher
Loyal Coshway
Shamik Trivedi
Ashton Shafton

Oxford Medical Students:

Tom Massey
Andrea Waldecker

April/May 2009 Tanzania Mission


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This was our third successful mission to Tanzania.  We performed seven GYN surgeries and saw approximately 100 patients in clinic.  Many of our patients had not seen a doctor in several years or sometimes never, and were grateful for our help.  Sadly, we diagnosed two young women with advanced cervix cancer.  We also saw teenaged boy with osteosarcoma, a cancer in the bone of his leg.  With good access to medical care, these cancers could be curable if found at an earlier stage.   
During the first week we were joined by a team of fourth year medical students from University of Toledo.  They helped the team with organizing the clinics, triaging the patients, help in the operating theatre and with assisting in surgeries.  Their help in taking care of our patients was invaluable.  We were also joined by two medical students from Oxford Medical School during both weeks in the clinic.  Their help was critical in taking care of our clinic patients.  MIA would like to thank all the medical students for their help.