Debbie Chong, MD
Ambereen Sleemi, MD
Rabiya Suleman, MD
Rick Paskowitz MD
Ann Leber, PhD
Ritu Metzger, MD
Andrea Green, MD
Frank Major MD
Pablo Nelson
Patricia Foo, Sugar Scholar
Mary Jo O’Sullivan MD

February 2010 Jamaica Mission


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Our mission to Jamaica was a successful one. Our diverse team was comprised of volunteers from all over the US: Northern and Southern California, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, New York. We saw 158 patients in the clinic and performed 14 surgeries. For the first part of the week, we were based in Kingston and our home base was the Chong residence and the Immaculate Conception hostel. Each day, the clinic-based team, traveling with medicines and medical supplies, set up mobile clinics in different areas of the city: Whitfield town, Ferry District, Myrrhville. At each site, a community organizer would have lists of patients who were waiting to see us; often people would be waiting for our arrival. In addition to performing PAP smears, we treated a wide variety of gynecologic and primary care issues, including diabetes, hypertension, asthma and common orthopedic problems. Patient information was entered into a computer database as a means of establishing follow up. During the clinics, we had time to do some much needed patient education on healthy eating and weight loss. In the middle of the week, the entire team traveled to countryside to do clinics in the rural communities of Santa Cruz and Braes River. We held clinics amidst beautiful settings of sugarcane fields and lush green mountains. Everywhere we went, the patients were appreciative and welcomed our care.