Ray Cheung, MD
Seattle, WA
Deborah Chong, MD,
LA, CA/Kingston, Jamaica
Dr. Lindsey Dawson, MD
Sacramento, CA
Karolynn Echols, MD
Harlem, NY
Dr. Wayne McCreath, MD
Miami, FL/Montego Bay, Jamaica
Lesley Meister, MD,
Seattle, WA
Lise Rehwaldt, MD
New York, NY
Elaine Waetjen, M.D.
Davis, CA

February/March 2007 Jamaica Mission



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Pap smear screening for cervical cancer prevention was initiated with this mission. We were able to perform approximately 80 pap smears in an outreach screening program. Most of our patients were in the parish of St. Mary where access to gynecologic care is limited. We were able to send those patients with abnormal results to the Jamaica Cancer society for further evaluation. We also performed 14 benign gynecologic surgeries at St. Joseph's hospital.

During this mission our first annual meeting took place and the official board for MIA was formed:

Deborah Chong, President and Treasurer
Karolynn Echols, Vice President
Lise Rewaldt, Secretary.