Future Missions

Upcoming Mission Dates for 2013


If you are interested in volunteering for one of our missions, please let us know which mission you would like to attend and send your contact information along with your CV and two letters of recommendation to info@medicineinaction.org. We typically travel to Jamaica in March and November Dates for missions to Haiti are more variable.



March 8-14, 2013 – followed by a fundraising climb up the Blue Mountains

November 1-14, 2013 – also followed by a fundraising climb.












We welcome volunteers for our future missions, both medical professionals and para-professionals. We ask new medical volunteers for a monetary donation for patient expenses ($600 for physicians, $400 for non-physicians and $100 for medical students, residents and returning volunteers). Each medical mission is approximately 10 working days. There will be both surgery and clinic opportunities as well as community based education. You may prefer to plan a trip for two weeks so that you leave time to see more of the country at the end of the mission. Both countries have a lot to offer. For example, in Jamaica- there are scuba diving opportunities, beaches, and waterfalls to explore as well as an option to hike to Blue Mountain peak. The Serengeti is just two hours away from the health unit in Tanzania and you can go on Safari after the mission. Tanzania is also home to exotic Zanzibar and Mount Kilamanjaro.