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Ann Leber, Phd
Kenya Numan, MD
Mark Roberts
Andrea Usher, MD


Mission Update- Haiti Recon


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With Help From Stepping Together and Doctor's Tee Time, a team went down to Haiti in April to assess the situation and pave the way for more missions.  We saw over 50 female patients, and our therapist provided counseling and therapy to children in the rehabilitation ward. We found that there is a lot of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affecting the health care providers as well as the patients. Medicine in Action provided the funding for us to give free care to all of the patients that we saw at Haiti Community Hospital. We are concerned that the hospital will not survive since there are  very few paying patients, so the decision was made to support the  hospital for now. The Haitian people are a warm, resilient, and  gracious people. Our security, lodging and transportation was arranged  by DTT, we were well taken care of throughout our visit. There is great need for rebuilding infrastructure.  The roads are bad, there is often no running water or electricity.  We are planning another recon mission  in July 2010 to assess the best use of our time to help the people of Haiti.  We appreciate your continued support in this endeavor.