Stewed Kidney Beans

(known in Jamaica as stewed peas) by Elaine Chong

Serves 4 – total time approx 2 hrs.


1 cup dried kidney beans soaked overnight

1 clove garlic

½ cup coconut milk made from blending and straining meat from the dried coconut. (Alternatively u can use coconut cream from the can, in which case use half the amount)

1 vegetarian boullion or veggie broth

Chipotle pepper to taste (alternatively use cayenne or fresh scotch bonnet pepper)

Pinch salt

1 small potato diced

1 small sweet yam diced

½ cup all purpose flour

½ small sweet red bell pepper diced

4 stalks scallions

1 tablespoon dried thyme

1 tsp jerk seasoning


1. Put kidney beans in 4 or 5 cups water, coconut milk, chipotle pepper and garlic .

2. Boils beans till consistency is soupy. This should be approx. 1-1/2 hrs.

3. Add potatoes and sweet yam

4. Make small dumplings with the flour (known as spinners in Jamaica.)

They are made with just water and flour, rubbed together between both palms till they are about 3 inches long and half inch fat and pointed at both ends .

5. Add bell pepper, scallion, thyme, jerk seasoning and salt to taste.

6. Simmer till thicken to the consistency of a stew. This should be another ½ hr.